Daisy + Vi

After interviewing several wedding photographers, I noticed many advertise their style as “photojournalism,” but Chris’ skills really stood out from the rest.  She is an expert at capturing natural expressions, composing the scene, and spotting the details.  Her genuine enthusiasm put us at ease.  In our engagement photos, she caught the excitement and anticipation that no amount of make-up or re-touching will produce.  At the same time, she highlighted the beautiful scenery, architecture and color of the settings.

On the wedding day, she was adept at working amongst our numerous relatives, most of whom were eager to snap photos at the same time.  She manages to be professional and assertive, yet gracious and warm at the same time.  Many of our family and friends remarked that they were impressed by her manner.  At the reception, it didn’t seem like she was just doing her job (though she did it very well).  She really seemed to enjoy documenting the party and that helped us to forget about the camera and just enjoy the party too.   There are so many images that bring back the memories of that day.

In having Chris as our wedding photographer, I didn’t feel like we were just hiring another wedding vendor.  She provided a very personal service with tremendous skill and creativity.

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