Theresa + Nolan

First thing, first –  I highly recommend Chris for any wedding project. She will work with you to make it happen. And she is a very genuine person to boot.

When my fiancee and I split up the duties for planning our wedding, I was tasked with finding a photographer. Photography is also a hobby of mine, so i really grilled the photographers on techniques, equipment, and workflow.

We actually heard about Chris through our friends Joe and Nary, who were getting married about 6 months before we were.  I interviewed a few photographers but somehow did not seems to get a true connection with any of them or their style. Then my financee and I met Chris. She was very genuine and immediately you could tell she was passionate about not just photography, but also the human element.  Her style captures a lot of the emotions and feelings of her subjects and their circumstances. She captures a lot of the candids and little moments that you may miss. Her pictures tell a story.

In addition, she is very accomodating. An example was that she agreed to drive down from San Francisco to meet us in Mountain View to show us her portfolio and samples.  She worked with us in completing our vision of what our wedding. We narrowed our choice down to Chris and another photographer, but what sold us was when we saw her in action at Joe and Nary’s wedding.  We booked her right after that.

The day of our wedding she was there bright and early and she went all through the day and into the night taking a whole lot of pictures. Very professional, but at the same time it felt like we were hanging out with a good friend.  Got the pictures recently and we are very happy with the results.

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