Pauline + Mark

If you are a soon to be bride, I understand how many things you are possibly juggling at this moment, trying to make your ‘dream day’ the best it can be while trying to accommodate everyone you want at your ‘happy occasion’. I can tell you, if you want to take one thing, one VERY IMPORTANT thing, off your ‘to-do’ list and not have to worry about it again, ┬áhire Chris to be your wedding photographer, and you will not have to worry about this wedding photography detail anymore, your pictures will be GREAT! Mine was not a simple wedding for Chris, I first was refereed to her by the woman who designed and made my wedding dress. I was looking at photographers, asking my married friends who they used and looking at their portfolios, but none of (their photos) seemed at all unique, same images I see at EVERYONES wedding. Looking at Chris’ photos, I’m sure you will agree, that she has the eye to make your wedding photos unique and as special as your day really is. At first I was just going to have Chris photograph my engagement photo, because that was the only local thing I was doing. As you will see by my photos on her website, my husband and I got married in Mexico (see the wedding photos of ‘Pauline & Mark’). Chris made the process very easy for us to hire her, she has a ‘getting to know you’ document that she sends that you will fill out, which I was impressed with, is the photographer you’re considering taking the time to get to know you and your soon to be husband? Chris is flexible, able to communicate through phone and email at all times of the day, and after meeting Chris, seeing her photos and working with her, I decided to move my wedding date, so she could come down to Mexico to photograph my wedding (because she was booked with another wedding the original date of my wedding)! I thank you Chris for all the wonderful photos you took at my wedding (and reception) now that my wedding was six+ months ago, the photos are a wonderful reminder of our day and all the people who shared it with us. We will cherish these photos for years to come I highly reccommend you hire Chris to photograph your wedding, these photos will live on far beyond your wedding day and when people look at Chris’ photos, they will know what a wonderful occasion it was!

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