Nary + Joe

When my husband and I initially began planning our wedding, he created multiple spreadsheets on everything from the cake to  videography to photography.  He had sections for ratings of different vendors from previous clients and price ranges and anything else that you can imagine.  We also had a set of pre-printed questions tailored to each type of vendor that we were to interview.  So when we set out to find a photographer, we were well prepared.

We interviewed several photographers before we met Chris.  We were actually about to book another photographer, but my husband was incessant on waiting to meet with Chris.  She was on a trip to Asia at the time of our photographer search.  I wanted to make the decision and get it done, but I am so glad we waited for Chris.
Instantly, when we met her, we got the impression that she was very genuine and passionate about her work.  She was very patient about answering our list of questions and she showed us her portfolios.  There was never any pressure from her.  She just let the photos speak for themselves and with that we were sold.

She took our engagement photos in San Francisco.  She took us all over the city and we were able to get pictures with amazing backdrops.  Chris is very knowledgeable about the history of San Francisco.  So in addition to getting great pictures, we got an awesome tour of the city and learned facts about the city that we never knew.  Chris took all our suggestions and incorporated them in to the pictures she took.  We took pictures at Baker Beach and I wanted a picture of us writing in the sand.  She didn’t think she could get the right angle on the beach, so the girl took off her shoes and got into the freezing cold water just to get the right picture.  Now that’s what I call dedication!

On the day of the wedding, she was there with me throughout the entire day.  She showed up early in the morning at my hotel room at the Westin with a smile on her face and took pictures unobtrusively.  Most of the time, I didn’t realize she was there and we got a lot of amazing natural shots.  The best pictures tell the story of the day of the wedding and she was able to do that in such a beautiful artistic way.  Her pictures not only capture the moment but they also convey emotion.  We had over 270 people at our wedding and with big Asian Weddings; it can get a little chaotic.  She was very patient and was very obliging with requests from family members to take pictures with the bride and groom.  Also, many of our guests wanted to get their own photos.  So Chris took turns taking her photos and allowed our friends and family take their own photos.   One of the greatest things about Chris is that she has a great eye for what makes a good picture.  She was able to take a wall from one of the church offices and turn it to an amazing backdrop that we got breathtaking pictures from.  She sees art in the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary.

I can go on and on and continue to say great things about Chris.  But simply, you just need to look at her photos and let them speak for themselves.  We will treasure her pictures forever and look upon them when we celebrate our 50 year wedding anniversary.  We have lasting memories of our special day with her beautiful photographs.  Chris, we can’t thank you enough for all that you have done.  You have become an indelible part in our lives as well as our future children because they will be looking at the photographs you took of their parents when they were married.

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