Jo + Mikee

My fiance and I interviewed many photographers for our wedding. Everyone had great pictures, including Chris. There were the traditional photographers (not really our style), and the the photoshop nazi photographers (photos are post processed to show extremes) and then there are the natural photojournalists that focus on capturing the most natural moments with the least amount of manipulation. Chris also has a traditional flair to her which is great for the posed shots.

When we met Chris, we instantly new she was “the one”. It was the first time that we had met a photographer that we both fell in love with… instantly. Talk to her, you’ll know what I mean!

During our engagement shoot, we had a total blast and she made everything so easy and fun. And on top of that, she was such an awesome tour guide and evangelist for the city. Needless to say, the pictures were fantastic.

On our wedding day, she was there from start to finish, capturing every single detail of the day. She has a great eye for the moment and is a true photojournalist. At the same time, she was very flexible to work with our other demands for formal portraits and group pictures. Chris is absolutely FANTASTIC at working the crowds for the big group formal portraits. During the rest of the day, when there was a moment to capture, she was right there behind the lens. She worked industriously through the night and patiently stayed till the end of the night to take pictures of us with our guests as they left. Because Chris herself has Asian heritage, she has a deep respect and profound understanding of Asian cultures which is a must for Asian weddings. Her warm personality is such that Mum is not afraid to tap on her shoulder for a picture with Mr & Mrs Fong. All our family and friends had only the greatest praise for her!

When Chris heard that my dad wouldn’t be able to make our wedding because he suffered a stroke, she immediately offered to send him a DVD of the wedding pictures, right after the wedding. While we were on honeymoon, we called my dad and was ecstatic to hear he had received the pictures. He spent countless hours reviewing her pictures and it brought him a great deal joy and comfort as the pictures brought to life one of the happiest days of his life.

We got our pictures on DVD after we got back from our honeymoon and they are phenomenal!!! Can’t wait to see them on print!

If you’re looking for a photojournalistic photographer but also someone who is flexible enough to do traditional and posed stuff, Chris is the person for you. Not only do you appreciate her art, professionalism, flexibility but she is one person that you wished you had as a friend. We are so happy to have her as a photographer and now as a friend.

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