Farrell + Scott

I am originally from California and grew up going to Lake Tahoe in the summers. Many of my memories reside there. Currently I live in Tennessee. As I was getting married in California, and the photography was very important to me (minus the guests, my new hubby, and the venue) I did a lot of research online. When I came across Chris’ website, I knew that she could capture the essence of the event in a ‘real’ sense. Her photos are stunning – and they tell a story. They are not a one off experience -but instead a series of events. I thought she did a wonderful job telling ‘our’ story… I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. And those that have an artistic side to them – or an appreciation of great imagery – Chris is your gal! I would most definitely recommend her to my sister and my best friend (both of whom she got to meet at the wedding…) not only because of her professional talents, but because Chris is a very ‘real’ person. This realism (something that is fundamental to photographers in the Photoshop era) really comes out in Chris’ work. She is a truly phenomenal storyteller.

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